We focus on the development of each child’s growth according to their needs with care and love.
Each child is special and unique. They all have the images and characters of God so it is impossible to cultivate different children in the same way. If we have hundreds of students in the school, we will have taught them in 100 ways, that is to say, our teachers will help the children to develop their own colorful lives by guiding them according to their personalities.  

Lives under the same sky, all the children have their own personalities but have things in common. This commonality is the goodness of God, including love, joy, peace, and forbearance. The best way to cultivate children is to set an example for them so that the behavior of the parents and teachers, even that of the adults surrounded the children will have great impact on them. The children who grow under love could have love and joyful lives.
They know how to gratitude, how to be thoughtful, how to accept and forgive others. Moreover, they will appreciate the secrete of nature, enjoy the music and rhythm, know the fun of cooperation and with different gifts God given to them so let each esteem other better than themselves.   
Children will live their best, love one and loves themselves, pursuit their good life. What a meaningful service we do, may all the co-workers enjoy it.

Wong Kwok Kong
School Supervisor

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