1. Chinese, English stories as teaching medium

In the Chinese courses, children can explore Chinese language through different activities. The course is designed with various themes and integrated with knowledges from various subjects. It can allow our students to develop the higher-order thinking through games and systematic activities.

Students can explore English language through English stories and English phonics. Our English teaching combines both the development of culture, affection, attitude and cognition and language. What the important thing is to provide a real language environment for children to practice the language they learned.

2. Learning Corners

There are different interest areas in the classroom. In free play times, children can choose to play in different interest areas. Through the process of interaction, this can help our children cultivate their attitude in self-regulated learning, learn how to put the activity in order, how to make their own decision and improve their higher-order thinking ability by osmosis.

3. Religious education

The school runs on Christian principles and follows the teaching of Bible. We teach the love of God in their childhood to help them to develop the right philosophy of life and add character education to our courses.

4. Parent-child reading

After building up the habit of reading, children will love to read. In the next stage, they will know how to use the vocabulary they learned, build vocabulary network and lay the foundation for their future language ability.

5. Green education

We will deliver environmental friendly information, the proper ways to protect the environment and the importance to cherish natural resources in their daily life. During their learning, we will arrange outdoor visit activities, campus safety seminar, holiday and festival celebrations and green activity for children to enrich their learning experience. We believe that they can develop higher-order thinking in various fields and an unforgettable campus life.

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