1. Language

The language development is very important for children learning and whole person development. The design of class activities is according to the main elements of Chinese language learning, including voice, vocabularies, grammar and Chinese characters and reading strategies. We will integrate the Chinese knowledge into teaching activity to strengthen the awareness of language and enhance their abilities in literacy, reading, comprehension and communication to help them further develop their language skill.

English is the second language for our students. We will try to increase their learning interest in English with different strategies and actual learning environment. The school will also design meaningful and interesting activities, such as storytelling, real-life experience, songs and rhymes, drama and phonics. Students can develop their listening, speaking and early reading and writing skills in such natural language environment.

2.Physical Fitness and Health

Physical Fitness activity not only promote the muscle and bone development of children, it can also promote their self confidence and self-value, and improve their perseverance and learn to obey the rule and respect to others.

3. Art and Creativity

Children are always full of curiosity about the world. allow Our student can express their imagination and creativity through diversified art creation, exhibition and appreciation activities. We values the creativity of our future generation. DIY activity allows our students to learn the way to use different materials in making their art creations and share their art works and appreciate other’s work.

Dancing is a kind of sport which is created by elegant body movement along with relaxing musical notes. This can improve the sense of rhythm and music among children. Dancing can also improve the coordination and flexibility of the body. As children need to interact with their classmates, this also promote the social development and the social interaction among children. All children will have chance to perform on the stage which can boost their self-confidence. Children at 3 will mainly doing some basic hand, feet and body movement. The 4-year-old class will start to practice the coordination between their hand, feet or bodies. The 5-year-old class will start to practice their wonderful dance movements with music.

4. Nature and Living

Children are naturally curious about everything. The nature and life emphasizes on developing their curiosity and exploration spirit, help them grasp the way to understand the knowledge and the values and the attitudes in respecting the natural environment. This course will encourage children to use senses to discover the fun of nature and discover their relationship with life.

5. Early Mathematics

Mathematics is very important in everyday life. Situated learning help our children to discover the relationship between mathematics and daily life. This can expand their interest in math and encourage them to apply what they’ve learned in daily life and solve their problem with mathematics knowledge. We have developed different stages of math learning. Different math concepts are introduced in the curriculum based on their cognitive development. The practical operation will help children consolidate their knowledge.

6. Self and Society

This can allow our students to develop a better understanding about themselves, the fundamental attitude and behavior in groups and master the basic interpersonal skills. According to different stages of physical and cognitive development, children will start to learn more about themselves and gradually build up their self-image and develop the optimistic and positive self-image.

We wil help our children to develop self-discipline skills and learn to be responsible for their behavior and emotions. It is also essential to help our children to develop the ability in judging between right and wrong and working independently to lay a good foundation for future learning.

Children can take on different roles in different groups. In terms of social relation and group development, the school provides real life situation for children to learn how to express their emotion and need in proper way, the importance to respect others and interpersonal skills

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