We try to attract student’s interest in languages through Chinese-English story book. Extended learning can be achieved when students are interested in various stories. During the process of exploration and learning, the information gathering, sharing and reporting is the perfect way to consolidate their knowledge. These learning activities will be performed in the forms of individual, group and whole class activities.

Children will learn, explore and comprehend different cognitions in their mother tongue and they will start to learn foreign language (English and Putonghwa). We want to construct meaningful learning from actual situation and absort new knowledges through their daily experiences. We want to cultivate children to equip with active learning attitude and lay the foundation for future learning and development.

K1(3-4 year)

The main teaching goal for K1 courses is the development of language expression, emotional expression, interpersonal skills, self-care, creativity, and prewriting. In the process of learning, children will improve their multi-intelligent through exploration. They will also introduce the integrative learning into the cognitive concepts in all aspects through the activities of story teaching, music appreciation, creativity movement, simulation game, DIY, and small muscle training, etc.

K2(4-5 year)

The main teaching goal for K2 courses is the development of the listening and speaking skill in Chinese and English, critical thinking, art creativity and science and technology. In the process of learning, children will develop the abilities of logical thinking, expression, analysis, judgement, comprehension and problem solving skills. Children will try to use their experiences and skills to express the learning results through language, painting or words.

The muscle development of children’s fingers and wrist is getting mature. They will learn how to hold a pencil correctly, how to write font strokes and learn writing skill. This is the best period for children to build their self-esteem. Therefore, the activity will help children to establish interpersonal skills through group activities. Most importantly, they are confident enough to express their own opinion and establish their self-value in positive way.

K3(5-6 year)

The main teaching goal for K3 courses is the development of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skill in Chinese and English, science exploration, art creativity, social interaction, and oral expression. In science experiments, it can facilitate team spirit with classmates other than developing observation skill, logical thinking and the attitude for science exploration. To help children to smoothly promote to primary school, we will simulate the learning model of primary school in the second term and visit different primary school and participate in the activities held by primary school.

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