The groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by Priest Tung Dou Ling and then Honorary Consul of Norway in Hong Kong, Mr. Han Mo Tak on 23rd May 1970. Priest Pang Fuk preached the gospel, Priest Si En Wu delivered the welcoming speech and Deacon Fung Gwong Dai delivered the prayer. 

The offertory was moderated by Priest Tung Dou Ling on 24th September 1971. More than 100 people attended the ceremony. The Honorary Consul of Norway in Hong Kong Mr. Han Mo Tak and Senior Education Officer Wong Man Hon attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and Priest Si En Wu delivered the welcoming speech.

Priest Si En Wu was invited to be the first school supervisor and Ms Ho Oi Yin as the first principal. The school at that time had only 4 teachers and 18 students. In the mid-70th, the school has implemented the activity teaching method to encourage the children to learn from games and to explore the surroundings through their personal experiences.

The school had implemented a series of renovation projects in that period to cope with the continuous needs of development. During that period of time, the school had accepted many students.

In 1996, the school has changed the name to NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. The name change represented that the school has focused on the development of language abilities in English and Chinese in the early stage of child development.


Since 2000, the school had implemented various early childhood teaching methods and designed the course curriculum systematically.

In 2006, we have participated in the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme organised by the Education Bureau.

The reconstruction and 2nd phase of renovation from 2009 to 2011 have taken the school on an entirely new look.

On February 7th and 9th of 2012, we have participated the pilot project of Quality Review of Pre-primary Institutions and received recognition and approval from the Education Bureau.


On 13th April 2012, we are honor to be invited by the Education Bureau to attend the Quality Review of Pre-primary Institutions press release and shared our experience in the pilot project to other nursery school and kindergarten in Hong Kong.



In 2017, the school participated in the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme organised by the Education Bureau.

On October 2018, the school has completed the 3rd phase of quality assurance inspection and received recognition with our development goal.

In 2019, the renovation project has given the school a brand new look and moves towards new educational milestone.    

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