Welcome to visit our school website! Although we are the school sponsored by Education Bureau, the children in our school not only can enjoy high-quality bilingual education, but our school curriculum is as good as some international school.
Our teaching team believes that high-quality early childhood education is extremely important. For that reason, we are willing to devote lots of resources particularly in the number of the teachers and our English, Mandarin, art creativity and religion education.
Other than highlighting the importance to inspire the multi-intelligence of children, our courses aim to not only develop the higher order abilities in all learning fields but pay attention to build the reading habit and language ability of children.
Children can develop their active learning attitude under the instructive environment. Apart from that, we are also pay attention to children’s character, spiritual and environmental education.
As a result, I hope that children are willing to learn, enjoy earning, learn actively and become life-long learners in future.

Principal Yip Cheuk Yin

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