Administration Team

Thanks God to lead me to experience the process from being a teacher, senior teacher and now become a principal. I always enjoy my role as early childhood educator because it is the happiest thing for me to be with children. Other than dealing with the school affair, I like to explore and discover things with children in the classroom. Through interact with our children, I am able to understand more about the development and the need of children.

I received the “Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education,” “Certification Course for Kindergarten Principals” and “Master of Education in Early Childhood Education” for the purpose of improving my professional qualification and create a happy learning environment with a group of professional teachers who keen on the early childhood education.

For us, what utmost important as well as our learning model is the words of Bible. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9: 10. Lord is the source of all the creation and knowledge. We teach our children to learn how to fear the lord since the childhood, help them know how great Lord is and learn more knowledge through world exploration. We encourage children that “whatever comes to your hand to do with all your power” so that they are goal-oriented to do their best to achieve their learning task and then live in the presence of our Heavenly Father to pursue the excellent and keep making progress. Moreover, we cultivate children to become faithful and promote an active learning attitude to become lifelong learner in future. We hope that our children can develop the attitudes of  “love , joy , peace , patience , kindness , goodness , gentleness , faithfulness and self-control,” by the power of God.

Hello, everyone, this is Ms Candy. I always eager to try and explore new things. I have been working in the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten for 10 years. I not only witnessed the growth of our future generation, but also witnessed the progress of early childhood education and the improvement of our teaching team. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful teaching team and we can continue to explore and make a breakthrough in learning and teaching fields and provide our children the best early childhood education.

I have received my Bachelor in Economics and the Master of Electronic Commerce in Canada . Thanks you Lord for your grace and leading to have me constantly have further study in the Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education in HKBU. I began to participate in curriculum design for early childhood from educational publishing field. In order to establish the children-oriented language course in Chinese and English, I’ve as well as completed the “Scheme on Early Language and Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children” held by Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR). I hoped to deliver the best language education for our children.

The new school year is about to come. I am grateful to meet with our new K1 students and look forward to knowing with all the parents. After the summer holiday, we will welcome our K2 and K3 students. May God bless our children and their parents and witness our children growing up happily.

Love Class

Hello, parents and children! I am the love class teacher Ms Zoe. I am grateful to the Lord for leading me to join the joyful family of the N.M.S Lutheran Kindergarten.

I am graduate the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honors at The Education University of Hong Kong. I will use the professional knowledge to design suitable activities for the growth and development of children. I also passed Level 5 Music Theory and Piano. I hope that they can through music to develop their potential.

I like communicating with children and it can better understand the characters and feelings of children. I will guide children to learn different knowledge and get unforgettable experience from games.

In the new year, I hope that children can rely on God, and I hope that every child can feel excited and looking forward to the school life. I will patience to teach and take care of them, so that they can grow and learn in an environment of full of love.

I’m Ms. Irene. I am very grateful to be able to teach in NMS Lutheran Kindergartens.   I graduate from BA (Hons) in Chinese Literature as my and completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong which enable me to devote myself to the field of early childhood education. In addition, I also obtained a certificate of level 12 in Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exam. and held a teacher qualification certificate of Chinese dance level 1-5 of Beijing Dance Academy. I also hold a First Aid Certificate recognized by St. John Ambulance. Kindergarten is the first stage of learning for children. I believe a pleasant kindergarten experience can bring a positive childhood to young children. In the coming year, we will take care of our children, observe and listen to their needs, and maintain good communication with parents. I hope an appropriate teaching strategies will not only to develop children’s knowledge and skills but also cultivate their positive character.

Peace class

Hello everyone! My name is Miss Fay. I am very happy to return NMSLKG! I have entered the eighth year of teaching career.

Looking back on the days when I was a trainee teacher and kindergarten teacher in NMSLKG, I am full of joy and grace! This place always gives me the feeling of a “happy campus”. The rich teaching and learning activities, the lovely children, and the concerted efforts of the parents are all in my heart!

In the past few years, I have completed the Bachelor of Honors in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Needs) at the Education University of Hong Kong, enriching my knowledge in early childhood education and learning to understand the needs of every child. I believe that every child is unique. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. As a teacher, I will strive to inspire children to use their potential to improve their weaknesses.

Moreover, I have also worked in different early childhood education institutions and have the experience of teaching different classes. I will take children as the center, care for and nurture children, and help them grow up happily!

I look forward to working with children and parents to create a learning environment full of love and care this year. With the core values of “Christ’s love” and “role model”, we will cultivate children who love themselves, love others, and are willing to share!

Ms. Cassie  

Hello! I am Ms. Cassie, the class teacher of class Peace. It is my pleasure to be part of NMS Lutheran Kindergarten this year. I currently hold the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Special Education and Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education, both from The Education University of Hong Kong. To explore a greater possibility in my career development, I studied in Norway for 10 months last year. The learning and teaching environment there were inspiring which additionally affirmed my enthusiasm for teaching.  

I believe that all children are equally beloved as a part of God’s graceful creation and each child is unique. Specializing in special education for my undergraduate studies not only allowed me to understand that students deserve to be taught in different teaching methods that cater their unique needs, but also inspired me to recognise the importance of an inclusive environment and that of students’ emotional needs.  

To cultivate and educate well-rounded students, effective communication between colleagues and with parents is vitally essential in kindergarten work. I have come to understand that if both parties could cooperate in a mutually respected manner, children can receive diverse education which leads to a wholesome childhood.  

In this loving environment surrounded by God’s love and blessings, I am looking forward to experiencing the coming year with all of my students.  

Kindness class

Hello everyone! This is Miss Ivy, and I am delighted to join the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten family! I believe that every child is a precious gem, and created in the image of God. I am excited about the opportunity to help unfold their lives and discover the beauty that lies within.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills to support children’s growth and development. Additionally, I hold certificates in ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory, Grade 4 Piano and First Aid.

My passion is to create a loving and joyful environment where children can grow and learn. By imparting truth and love, I hope to make a positive impact on their lives. I am thrilled to be a part of NMSLKG and look forward to the journey ahead!

Hello everyone. I am Ms. Carrie. It is grateful that I can become part of the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten, which is full of love and joy, nurturing and witnessing children’s growth with you. I received the Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education at HKEDU. I have also obtained One-year In-service Course on Special Child Care Work, Jockey Club Keep-Formula for Children Coaching Certificate, and obtained Level 2-B in the Putonghua Proficiency test. These professional courses, training, and perfectional certificate allow me to improve my ECE knowledge and teaching skills. During my spare time, I participated in different activities to broaden my horizons. I also have the Carf Orff Kids Music Certificate, Children’s Drama Tutor Training Certificate, and JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certificate. I expect to adopt novel and interesting teaching methods and design teaching activities with “child-centered” in the classroom.


I believe that education can change a person, and a teacher with good personal cultivation will always be a role model for children. I hope to uphold the truth of the Bible to cultivate children with good character, a positive attitude toward life, and positive values. In the coming year, let us work together to make our children have a happy, healthy, and beautiful school life.

Goodness class

Hello everyone! I am Ms. Vivian of Goodness class. I am blessed to be able to teach in the loving and caring family of the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. After completing my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation, I achieved the Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Hong Kong Baptist University. It enables me to join the early childhood education field, which I find very meaningful and rewarding. I also have the ABRSM Grade 5 Piano Certificate, JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certificate and the First Aid Certificate.

I enjoy and treasure the interaction with children a lot, and I truly believe every child is unique and full of potential. By applying what I have learnt into my daily classroom and designing a variety of interesting activities for children to learn through play and real-life experiences, I hope I can be a companion in the children’s path of learning and growth, and they can develop a positive attitude towards active learning as well. In such a way, every child can become an individual who is eager to explore, good at expressing themselves, love to learn, and dare to resolve problems. I am very much looking forward to learning happily with all the children in such a joyful environment in the new school year. At the same time,  I am eager to work hand-in-hand with our parents to establish a good relationship with mutual communication and trust, so that children can grow up happily and healthily at home and at school.

Hello everyone! I am Ms. Julie Lo, I am very happy to join the family of NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I thank the Lord for leading me to work in early childhood education for many years. I completed a Bachelor of Honors Degree in Early Childhood Education at Hong Kong Baptist University and completed the “Kindergarten Principals Certificate Program” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“Love yourself, love others, and love the environment” is the motto I have told children the most for many years in preschool education. I believe that knowledge is important, but positive character is more important; preschool education is an important stage for children to lay the foundation. Starting from the training of self-care at an early age, children will be trained to change behaviors into habits and gradually internalize them into values, so that children can become focused and confident. , healthy, kind and joyful people.

I look forward to growing up with all the children in the big family of NMS Lutheran Kindergarten.

Gentleness class

Hello everyone! This is Ms. Jess. I am thankful that God brings me back to The NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I look forward to having precious time to grow and succeed with our children in such a warm and loving family. I graduated from The EDUHK with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hon) in Leadership and Non-Chinese Speaking Children. Also, I have the Certificate of Garde 6 in Practical Piano and Grade 5 in Piano Theory from ABRSM. I would like to utilize the knowledge I gained from my study in my teaching, to understand the uniqueness of every child and share professional advice with their parents. 

According to my overseas study experience in Australia, self-directed learning is essential.  I will provide a relaxing learning atmosphere that inspires children to develop their exploration and problem-solving abilities along the learning path. I wish to raise their learning interest and enhance their confidence in verbal expression by creating fun and interactive activities. Besides, I would like to cultivate children with the words of God to establish positive moral values for them. I wish them to become a healthy child who loves God and loves one another. 

Hello everyone. Greetings from Ms. Jeanie! I’m thrilled to join the NMSLKG and serve as the class teacher of the Gentleness Class this year!  

 As a dancer with a track record of winning numerous dance competitions and a graduate of The Open University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Education with Honours in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Educational Needs), I am well-versed in choreography and teaching children through engaging activities. I also have had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka and Nanjing to experience their unique teaching cultures, giving me valuable insights into organizing diverse teaching activities and enhancing my teaching skills.  

As we all know, the first six years of children’s life are critical for learning and development. Therefore, I am dedicated to nurturing their journey, providing unwavering care and guidance, and promoting their holistic development. Furthermore, I  am committed to upholding the mission of the NMSLKG, which emphasizes the importance of kindness and love. By sharing the wisdom and teachings from God with my students, I hope to create a positive and inclusive learning environment where they can thrive.  

Finally, effective communication and collaboration with parents are critical to children’s educational success. Hence, I am committed to working closely with parents, creating a happy and healthy learning environment for the little ones! 

English Team

My name is Mariam. I am pleased to be rejoining the wonderful N.M.S family.

I have a degree in English Linguistics from a well-reputed university in Bangladesh. I have taught English to a variety of age groups in different educational streams in Hong Kong for the last 10 years.

I particularly chose to teach English as it is a global language, and once our future generation has a better understanding of the language a lot of opportunities will be open for them.

I love teaching and enjoy watching them learn about the world around them. My goal is to make them enjoy learning English and facilitate them in wanting to be lifelong learners.

It is very important for the teachers and the parents to nurture and help the children together. I hope we can build a good partnership to help your child succeed.  

My name is Miguel Bastida and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2012 with a Bachelor in Arts (Music) and I love teaching music! I could teach it all day. I am a passionate person, who shows empathy and care for others. I bulid great relationships with my students. I have been teaching English to Kindergarten children for over five years and this will be my third year teaching at NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I have experience teaching phonics to kindergarten students. Teaching and working with children is a joy to me. Part of my goal as an educator is to spark curiosity in the mind of my students. I love the energy and excitement that small children display. Kindergarten teachers have the opportunity to expose students to many new things. Often times, school is the first time children are taking field trips to museums, factories and other places they’ve never been. Children love learning. They are eager to experience and withness new things makes my job exciting and rewarding. I hope experience new adventures in this new school year. I am so looking forward to meeting and working with your child. We are going to have a great year!


Hello everyone, I am Ms. Cindy, the Putonghwa teacher. I am greatful to work in NMS Lutheran Kindergarten and meet with our wonderful students. I hope to be the caring guardian for them.

Over the years of my work, I discovered that children in different age have their precious features. We should cherish these precious features and guide them to grow little by little. I finally understand the importance of my work by witnessing the improvement of our students.

I’ve graduated from Normal University in China and studies early childhood teaching methods and Putonghwa teaching course in the CUHK. I hope I can use my professional knowledge and teaching experiences to improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing skill in Putonghwa through different activities such as games, songs, stories, speech, etc.

Teaching assistant


Hello everyone, I am Ms Vivian, the teaching assistant of the school. I was graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education(IVE) Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education. As a supporter, it is my wish to be able to help everyone here and make their daily work smooth. The sweet smiling faces of the children is always my motivation in my work.

Office worker

Dear parents and children, hello!

I am Ms. Connie, the clerk of the school office. I am very happy to join the big family of NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. My duties are to assist parents and teachers with accounting and school affairs. If parents have any enquiries, they can contact me during school hours. It is my pleasure  to help you. I loves children very much, and it is really an challenging working environment.

I am passionate about outdoor sketching and painting, and I have always been attracted by the lovely children. I wish to make a contribution to this big family and help to create a beautiful and happy environment for all the children here.

Supporting Staffs

Hello, everyone. I am Ms. Crystal, a social worker of Heep Hong Society. I am on campus every Tuesdays and Fridays in the coming school year. Nice to meet you all.

I have received a Bachelor of Social Work in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Master Degree of Counseling in the Hong Kong Baptist University and a Professional Certificate in Parent Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong for enriching my professional knowledges. I am a mother of 2 children, I understand it is not easy to be a parent, but it is my blessing to grow up with them.

I believe everyone has their strengths and inner resources, I am looking forward to sharing with you more and accompanying our students in school to grow healthily and happily.

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