仁愛班 Love class


各位家長和小朋友 ,你們好!我是仁愛班的班主任李倩婷老師(Ms Fion),很開心可以加入信義會中英文幼稚園這個大家庭,與各位小朋友、家庭和同工一起學習,一起成長,一起分享神的愛。我盼能運用在香港理工大學修讀的專業中英文(榮譽)文學士和幼兒教育高級文憑,加上教授非華語和特殊教育需要幼兒的培訓,支援每一位獨特的小朋友,讓他們每一天都有一點點的進步。

坊間這句話 “Teachers, who love teaching, teach children to love learning”,常常提醒我要在校園日常生活和學習活動中引導小朋友,去發現、探索、建構和應用知識。讓他們「動手做」,從中得到學習和待人接物的經驗,培養良好的品德,並享受學習的過程和成果。小朋友的發揮和創意,往往帶來意想不到的驚喜。我十分期待與小朋友們的學習旅程呢!

Ms. Fion Lee

Hello, parents and children. This is Ms Fion, who will be the class teacher of Love class. I feel very grateful to be part of the big family in NMS Lutheran Kindergarten, to learn, to grow and to share God’s love with each child, family and fellows. I wish my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies for the Professions and Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education, together with my training on teaching Non-Chinese Speaking students or students with Special Educational Needs would be helpful on my work, to support each unique child and to help them improve bit by bit each day.

A quote “Teachers, who love teaching, teach children to love learning” always reminds me to guide the children to discover, explore, build and apply knowledge in school daily life and learning activities. With “hands-on experience”, children gain learning and social experience, foster good moral character, enjoy the process of learning and its outcome. Children’s development and creativity will always give us a surprise. I am looking forward to the learning journey with our children.


各位家長、小朋友,你們好!我是本年度K1仁愛班的張凱晴老師 (Ms Thea) 。感謝天父,讓我成為信義中英文幼稚園教學團隊的一分子,培育孩子成長,協助學校舉行各項活動。

我熱衷於教學,喜愛小朋友,現正修讀香港教育大學「幼兒教育學士學位」課程,期望能透過掌握的專業知識,觀察小朋友的不同需要,設計適切及多元化的遊戲和活動豐富小朋友的學習。我亦已考獲英國皇家舞蹈學院芭蕾舞七級,冀能發掘他們音樂與舞蹈的樂趣。此外,我亦修讀了急救證書課程,並已考獲其專業資格。 能見證小生命在天父的愛裡逐漸成長,讓我在教學過程中充滿感動。期待與小朋友們在校園裡共同進步。願主祝福每一位!

Ms. Thea Cheung

Hello everyone, I am Ms. Thea Cheung. Thanks God to have me become a member of teaching team in the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I would like to cultivate child’s growth and share the school affairs with the teaching team and make school’s activities go smoothly.

I am keen on teaching and love working with children, I am currently studying the Bachelor of Education (Honour) (Early Childhood Education) in the Education University of Hong Kong. I look forward to improve my professional knowledge which allows me to better understand the need of our students and design proper activities and games for children to enrich their learning interest. I look forward to apply my experiences of learning Ballet in Royal Academy of Dance in class to improve children to discover the fun of music and dancing in class, enjoy learning through play and train physical coordination of children. Also, I have also awarded the “Certificate in First Aid”.

喜樂班 Joy class


各位家長和小朋友,你們好!我是陳寶玲老師(Ms. Laura)。感恩能成為信義中英文幼稚園的一份子,一起培育和見證小朋友的成長。我深信作為教師應時常學習新知識,提升個人專業、擴闊視野,並將知識帶到給小朋友。在個人增值方面,我已完成認可特殊幼兒工作員培訓課程和教師專業進修課程—非華語幼兒的中國語文學習,希望能夠將所學應用到小朋友身上。此外,我已考獲英國皇家音樂學院五級鋼琴和五級樂理證書,亦已考獲普通話水平測試二級乙等的成績,並完成了紅十字會的急救證書課程。


Ms. Laura Chan

Hello, everyone! I am Ms. Laura. I am grateful to be part of the team at NMS Lutheran Kindergarten, nurturing and witnessing children’s growth with you. I believe that as a teacher you should always learn and get new knowledge. Not only to promote professional growth, but to broaden horizons and bring it to the children. In terms of self-improvement, I have completed the recognized Special Child Care Work Certificate and Certificate in Professional Development Programme on the Teaching of Chinese Language for Non-Chinese Speaking Children. I hope I can make the best use of what I have learned and apply it to children. In addition, I obtained the ABRSM grade 5 piano and grade 5 music theory certificates. I also obtained Level 2-B in the Putonghua Proficiency test and completed the First Aid Training Course of Hong Kong Red Cross.

From my perspective, a teacher should always be loving, caring and patient, meanwhile, be creative and sincere as well. I will cherish every child, treat them fairly and equally, let children grow up in a loving and caring environment, and become an empathetic and positive person in the future. I believe that every child is unique, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I focus on individual differences, make adjustment according to children’s abilities, so that everyone can live up to their full potential. Besides, I will observe, explore, and encourage the strengths of children diligently, help them build up self-confidence, and face the challenges bravely when they encounter difficulties in the future.


大家好!我是喜樂班的鍾佩樺老師(Ms. Rona)。本年度是我在信義中英文幼稚園的四年了,很高興可以與小朋友一起學習、一起成長。我已於香港浸會大學幼兒及基礎教育部修畢「幼兒教育學教育學士(榮譽)學位」課程,專修表達藝術。透過學位課程所教授的專業知識,能讓我認識小朋友的發展需要、與小朋友交流的技巧、設計活動的方法等。我亦修讀了「幼兒音樂教學專修課程」,希望透過藝術和音樂這些媒介,鼓勵小朋友多表達他們的所思所想。此外,我亦於急救證書課程中考獲其專業資格。



Ms. Rona Chung

Hello everyone, I am Ms. Rona Chung, the class teacher of Joy class. I am glad to have chance to learn and grow with children. I’ve completed my Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education of HKBU and specialized in expression art. I have received the first aid certificate. The professional knowledge helped me to identify the needs in the development of children, the skills of interacting with children and knows the way to design the activities. Art is the way children expressing their feeling, I hope to encourage children to express their thinking through art. In this way, I can learn more about our students, understand their needs and grow with them in a proper way. I am a strong believer in happy childhood memories will have positive impact on children development. I hope our students can enjoy learning through different activities. As a result, they can a wonderful school live and have happy childhood.

和平班 Peace class


各位家長、小朋友,你們好!我是和平班班主任-徐嘉琪老師(Ms Kassy),感恩在這裡工作轉眼間已踏入第八年個年頭,感恩本年度能見證每位和平班小朋友成長。我已於幼兒教育學士學位課程畢業,亦曾參與語常會所舉辦的中英文發展計劃,以上都能幫助我能回饋教學及課程。除了期望可以各方面增進與幼兒教育相關的知識外,還希望能與家長在不同的層面上分享更多專業及經驗過的教養方法,共同幫助小朋友成長。



Ms. Kassy Tsui

Hello, I am class teacher of Peace class, Ms. Tsui. Thanks Lord to bring me to work here. How time flies! This year is my 8th year to work here. I am grateful to have the opportunity to witness the development of K2 students. I received the “Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education” and participated in the Scheme on Development in English and Chinese held by SCOLAR. These professional courses allow me to improve my teaching skills and curriculum design. Other than improving the early childhood education-related knowledge, I also hope that I can share professional parenting method with parents to facilitate the overall development of our children. Having good teammates at work for me is precious and important. I am glad to be a “coordinator” to coordinate the relevant teaching strategy and cooperate with my teammates to achieve our goal. Although we will face more and more challenges in future, I am always willing to stand next to our students to overcome those challenges. I also hope to bless children with the love of Heavenly Father, encourage children to learn how to trust in Heavenly Father, no matter how big or how small things they may experience. May children bring the “love” they experienced and share this love to the family. Let’s move forward with faith.


大家好!我是和平班的簡穎琛老師 (Ms Vivian),很高興可以加入基督教挪威差會主辦信義中英文幼稚園這個充滿愛與關懷的大家庭。完成翻譯(榮譽)文學士學位課程後,我在香港浸會大學修畢幼兒教育深造文憑,讓我能夠投身幼兒教育這份具使命感的工作。我持有英國皇家音樂學院聯合委員會五級鋼琴證書、JPHAA日本和諧粉彩準指導師證書及急救證書。


Ms. Vivian Kan

Hello everyone! I am Ms Vivian of Peace class. I am blessed to join the loving and caring family of the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. After completing my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation, I achieved the Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Hong Kong Baptist University. It enables me to join the early childhood education field, which I find very meaningful and rewarding. I also have the ABRSM Grade 5 Piano Certificate, JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certificate and the First Aid Certificate.

I enjoy and treasure the interaction with children a lot, and I truly believe every child is unique and full of potential. By applying what I have learnt into my daily classroom and designing a variety of interesting activities for children to learn through play and real-life experiences, I hope I can be a companion in the children’s path of learning and growth, and they can develop a positive attitude towards active learning as well. In such a way, every child can become an individual who is eager to explore, good at expressing themselves, love to learn, and dare to resolve problems. I am very much looking forward to learning and growing happily with all the children in such a joyful environment in the new school year!

恩慈班 Kindness class


大家好,我是陳樂晴老師(Ms. Janice) 。很高興能成為信義中英文 幼稚園的一份子,與一眾充滿熱誠的同工一同為幼兒打造愉快的 學習環境。我已修畢幼兒教育課程,並已考獲五級樂理和六級鋼 琴,往後亦會持續進修與幼兒教育相關的課程,期望能鞏固自己 的教學技巧,設計出適切幼兒各方面需要的活動。希望我能在主 的引領下教養兒童,使他們充滿愛和喜樂,並如小樹般結出豐盛 的果子。 期待於新學年與幼兒及家長一起創造美好的回憶,並 見證小朋友的進步與成長!

Ms. Janice Chan

Hello everyone, I am Ms. Janice. It is grateful that I can become part of the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten and create a joyful learning environment for kids with all these enthusiasm teachers. I have finished Diploma in Child Care and Education, received Grade 5 Music Theory certificate and merit in Grade 6 Piano. Further study in the field of Child Care and Education will be proceed, so as to enhance my teaching skills and design activities that suit the needs of children. Hope that I can teach children under the guidance of God so that children are fill with love and joy. Look forward to creating beautiful memory with children and families, let us witness the improvement and growth of the little ones!


大家好!我是本年度恩慈班的班主任梁錦茵老師 (Ms Jackie),於香港浸會大學幼兒教育榮譽學士學位畢業。我很高興今年繼續在信義中英文幼稚園這個大家庭陪伴各位小朋友成長。K2小朋友漸漸成熟,而且開始有自己的思考和意見,作為班主任,我很期待陪伴小朋友在課室內、外一同探索新事物。我熱愛與小朋友相處,並深信老師的陪伴能夠啟發小朋友多方面的探索和學習。同時,老師亦是小朋友重要的學習榜樣,很希望能夠成為小朋友正面品德、言行的學習對象。在新的一年,我希望與小朋友繼續建立深厚並信任的感情,與家長保持良好而有效的溝通,一同幫助小朋友在家及在校開心成長。

Ms. Jackie Leung

Hello everyone, I am Ms. Jackie. This year, I will be the class teacher of Kindness class. I received the Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education in HKBU. I am happy to continue to work in NMS Lutheran Kindergarten and grow with our lovely students. K2 students become more mature and start to have their own thinking and opinions. Being as a class teacher, I am willing to explore the world with our children. I am greatly convinced that children can explore the new environment and learn more about new knowledge with the help of teachers. Teacher is an important role model to children. I hope I can become children’s role model in positive characters and behaviors. In this new school year, I am looking forward to learn from experienced teachers and cooperating with them to design more interesting class activities for our children. I will keep good communication with our parents and work together to help children grow at home and at school.

良善班 Goodness class


各位家長和小朋友,你們好!我是良善班的班主任李汶禧老師(Ms Kinki),於香港教育大學修畢幼兒教育學士(榮譽)學位課程。我很高興可以成為這班可愛又活潑的小寶寶們的班主任,陪伴他們一起渡過快樂的幼稚園生活。



Ms. Kinki Li

Hello, parents and children, I am Ms. Kinki. I’ve received the “Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education” in the Education University of Hong Kong. I am glad to have chance to teach our students in their last kindergarten school year. It is my 7th year working in the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I enjoy being with children and daily conversation with our students. I like to listen to children to share their daily activities with me. Other than build up their confidence and develop the virtue of sharing, it also help us to learn more about the interest and unique character of our students. I also value the importance of developing good character. I hope that I can help our children to learn through games and activities and encourage them to become loving, polite, honest and responsible students.


大家好,我是張悅曈老師(Ms.Samantha),感謝上帝帶領我加入信義會中英文幼稚園的大家庭,成為小朋友的「同行者」,與他們一同學習和成長。 我於香港浸會大學修畢幼兒教育學士學位,亦考獲英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴八級。盼能將所學的知識實踐於設計以「幼兒主導」的活動,符合幼兒的能力、發展需要和喜好,讓他們愉快學習。我相信當幼兒發現學習的趣味性,便會主動探索不同的事物,增廣見聞。另外,我希望透過基督教教育幫助小朋友培養良好的品格,建立正確的待人處事態度。 來年我期望小朋友能夠透過與老師的相處感受到陪伴和愛,亦希望與家長有良好的溝通與合作,一同見證幼兒的成長。

Ms Samantha Cheung

Hello everyone. I am Ms. Samantha Cheung. Thanks God that leads my way to be a teacher in the NMS Lutheran Kindergarten, accompanying children throughout their growth. I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree of Education (Honors) in Early Childhood Education. I have also obtained Grade 8 in Piano from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. I hope to put what I have learned into practice to create “child-centered” activities, which are developmentally appropriate and able to stimulate their interest. I believe when children realize learning is interesting, they will explore more with motivation. Furthermore, I strive to construct children’s attitudes and build up moral values based on Christianity teachings, such that children can interact with others with respect and desirable conduct. In the coming year, children feel loved and being accompanied when interacting with me is my aspiration. Meanwhile, I would like to build a friendly relationship with parents, and witness the growth of the children together.

溫柔班 Gentleness class


大家好!我是許文慧老師(Ms Angel),是本年度溫柔班班主任。感謝天父的帶領和恩典,今年我在信義中英文幼稚園工作第九年了。擔任多年的高班老師,我仍然感到十分期待,盼望與高班小朋友在最後一年幼稚園生涯有美好的回憶。



Ms. Angel Hui

Hello Everyone, I am Ms. Angel and the class teacher of Gentleness. Thanks to the love of God, this is my 9th year working in NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. I am looking forward of being the K3 class teacher and looking forward to have wonderful memories with our K3 students. I am always a “thinker.” In the design of teaching and class curriculum, I hope to design the courses that can improve children’s learning and skills in various aspects. I’ve completed Scheme on Literacy Development in Chinese and English Language of Young Children held by SCOLAR. Other than learning more about the teaching skills in teaching English and Chinese, I have also improved my understanding in languages. In future, I will apply the knowledge in class in daily teaching and improve children’s interest in language. As for my serving in the church, I am a teacher of Sunday school and children worship in my church. It gives me the motivation to continue my teaching career when seeing children development under the love of Heavenly Father. Children, as if the seedlings, need to give the utmost care. I realize that children are unique ones with unique characters. For that matter, I will teach children five things, including love, care, patience, creativity and sincerity to help them grow. Most importantly, learn with pleasure. Learning is important for children development, it is also important to develop good character and personal relationship. I wish to be the angel of children and help them gain their confidence, learn how to be with people in this learning environment overflowing with love and give children an unforgiveable and happy campus life.


各位家長、小朋友好!我是今年溫柔班的黃依婷老師(Ms. Shirley)。本人在香港教育大學的幼兒教育高級文憑及通識教育學士畢業(副修:融合教育)。很高興在開展人生的新一章,神帶領我來到信義中英文幼稚園。




Ms. Shirley Wong

Hello, parent and children, I am Ms Shirley. Starting from this year I will be the class teacher of Gentleness. I obtained the Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Studies (minor: Inclusive education) from The Education University of Hong Kong. In this new chapter of my life, it has been an honour answering lord’s call in joining the family of NMS Lutheran Kindergarten.

Learning is Children’s nature, with their innate curiosity and spirit of exploration, they surprise adults in the way that we would never anticipate. I wish to be their guide and company in their journey of discovery, and that of in exploring the beauty of the world. I will devote my vitality and creativity in offering novel teaching activities. In the way, we will learn, play and grow together, and cultivate themselves to become the self-directed learner that are “willing to learn and happy to learn”.

Children are seeds that await to flourish. In their next stage in Kindergarten, our careful look after is the key in their sturdy growing. Children build bonding and relationships with others, learn new knowledge, skills, and cultivate good personal morality and self-cultivation in this place. As their teacher I will offer my best, for them to make memorable moments and and thrive under the love of God.

I am ready to start their last year in kindergarten with the K.3 children.