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何為「 家校合作」?

這四個字,相信家長和教師都一定懂得怎樣書寫;但要學會怎樣將「 家校合作」做得好,的確不是容易的!


  • 親子賣旗
  • 家長講座
  • 流感疫苗注射計劃
  • 衛生大使義工
  • 親子年宵嘉年華
  • 親子旅行
  • 畢業活動
  • 聯校活動


家長與學校有共同的信念,是「家校合作」的成功因素。所以希望各位家長會員,試試將你們的心聲、見解或建議,以電郵直接與我們分享,令我們能多了解你們的需要,將家教會的工作做得更妥當;此外,我們作為家長與學校之間的橋樑,更希望能加強各持份者之間的溝通,令「 家校合作」做得更好、更深入、更透徹。


祝願 大家身體健康!家庭幸福快樂!子女聰明伶俐!


主席 利家樂 上 nmslkgpta@gmail.com

What is “Home-School Cooperation”?

I believe both parents and teachers know how to write these four words. However, it is not easy to put these four words into practice.

Each year, Parent-Teacher Association will organize various activities to facilitate the communication between parents and teachers. These activities can also improve the welfare and moral education of our students.

  • Parent-child flag selling activity,
  • Parent Seminar,
  • Influenza Vaccination Scheme,
  • Health Ambassador,
  • Parent-child Lunar New Year Fair
  • Parent-child school trip,
  • Graduation activity,
  • Inter-school activity, etc.

To be honest, are the activities mentioned the above enough for you? Are they fun? Will those satisfy your need? Honesly, we are not sure as well.

The key to a successful home-school cooperation is the school shares the same faith with parents. I hope that all parent members can share your opinions or suggestions with us by email so that we can know more about your needs and get our work done better. As PTA serves as the communication channel between parents and the school, we aims to strengthen the communication among every stakeholders to achieve a good home-school cooperation.

Finally, I would like to appreciate the contribution of our parent committees, Father of Kim Fung , Mother of Hoi Yui , Mothers of Yat Yu and Ka Yin , school committees and consultants. Because of your support, the 8th Parent-Teacher Association can run successfully.

Wish you all having a healthy, happy family!

Yours Sincerely,

Chairman of the 8th Parent-Teacher Association

Bruce Lee   nmslkgpta@gmail.com