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Parent-Teacher Association will hold different parent-child activities regularly. PTA would like to encourage parents to participate with their child development.


I am glad to participate in the volunteer activities of the school. While participate in the activity, I not only learn a lot and experience different things of the activities, but also help the activity out, so satisfied and happy and realize the spirit of helping others makes one happy. Being volunteer indeed is a meaningful thing. This is my second year being a parenting volunteer. As for the words of being parent volunteer, well, I want to share you this saying, “Don’t think any virtue trivial, and so neglect it,” which means that’s like taking a candy from a baby. As for people in need, it may be to help a lame dog over a stile. I, at the same time, being able to participate in the voluntary activities with my child not only know more about my child but also help children learn the virtue of “doing good deeds.”

親子年宵嘉年華 Parent-child Lunar New Year Activities

親子賣旗 Parent-child flag day

升小一座談會 Primary one parent seminar

「情緒有方」家長講座 Parent Seminar- Emotional management

家教會親子旅行 PTA Picnic

家長義工 Parent Volunteer