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為培養小朋友的不同興趣及提升個人潛能,同時亦為增進小朋友的專注力和自信,因此學校每年舉辦多元化的增益課程,並由専業導師擔任教授。 小朋友可按個人興趣報讀,亦歡迎校外生報讀,課程包括:

To cultivate different interest, explore individual potential and improve self confidence and concentration among children, our school will organise different extracurricular classes taught by professional instructors. Students may choose to apply according to their personal interest. External students are also welcomed to apply.

  • 爵士舞  Jazz
  • 芭蕾舞 Ballet 
  • 英語遊樂園  English Fun
  • 創意畫班  Creative Art
  • 戲劇扮演班 Drama 
  • 珠心算Abacus
  • 小小演奏家 Little Musician