新生入學申請須知 Admission Procedure


Application Time: We encourage parents to submit application before the term begin. The submitting application in the middle of the year will considered on their individual merits according to their class, school entrance examination and the result of parent meeting.

索取申請表格方法 :1.於本幼稚園網頁下載  2. 於辦公時間親臨本幼稚園索取 

Obtain an Application Form: You can download the application on our school website or take a copy of the application form at our school during office hours.


  1. 小朋友出生証明文件副本  
  2. 整份針卡封面連內頁副本    
  3. 近照一張 (證件相) 
  4. 回郵公文袋連地址三個
  5. 已簽署的學校與家長合作約章回條 
  6. 報名費 $40【請以劃線支票繳交,支票抬頭: NMS Lutheran Kindergarten,支票背面請寫上申請者姓名】無論申請成功與否,報名費概不退還。

Submissions: Please return the application form to us by post or in person to the school with the following supporting documents.

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Copy of Immunization Record
  3. One ID Photo
  4. Three  7”x10” size self-addressed stamped envelopes
  5. Home-school Collaboration Agreement
  6. Registration fee $40 (Please pay by crossed cheque, cheques should be made payable to “NMS Lutheran Kindergarten” . Please write applicant’s name at the back of the cheque.) The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

申請「幼稚園入學註冊證」:家長須於 2022 年 9 月至 11 月期間為其子女向教育局申請「幼稚園入學註冊證」,而所有參加計劃的幼稚園,只可取錄持有有效註冊文件的學童。有關申請教育局幼稚園幼兒班(K1)收生安排可參閱教育局網頁幼稚園幼兒班 (K1) 收生安排

Application for Registration Certificate (RC) for Kindergarten Admission: Parents are required to apply to Education Bureau(EDB) for a Registration Certificate (hereafter referred to as “RC”) from September to November 2022. Upon receipt of the application with all necessary information and documents provided, EDB will then issue an AP to the child concerned for registration and admission to a Scheme-KG. As for EDB Admission Arrangement for Nursery(K1) class, please refer to the EDB website for 2023/24 K1 Admission Arrangements Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens .

教育局查詢電話 EDB Enquiry Hotline for Admission Arrangements: 3540 6808 / 3540 6811

課程介紹會:學校每年約於9-10月會舉辦課程介紹會。幫助家長了解我們的校本課程,鼓勵有興趣入讀本校的家長參加,歡迎致電2778 0734或留意最新消息報名。

School Seminar: Our school will arrange seminar in September or October to help parents understand our school curriculum. Parents are welcomed to join. Please contact our school for registration by calling 2778 0734 or fill in the google form from the news updated.

對非華語學童入學支援: 學校會為非華語學童及家長提供協助及翻譯。學校提供英文通告、學習檔案予家長,另外,本校已有老師接受有關教授非華語學童之培訓課程。如希望了解更多,家長可聯絡為非華語家長而設的專線 2892 6676 或電郵至nms_elchk@yahoo.com.hk 查詢入學事宜。

家長另可參閱教育局幼稚園幼兒班(K1)收生安排的英文網頁 Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens。 教育局同時提供支援非華語兒童家長查詢熱線:2892 6676 

Admission Support for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students: Our school provides support and translation service for non-Chinese speaking students and parents. We provide English school notice, student learning portfolio.

Teachers have been arranged to receive training on the teaching of non-Chinese language students. For more information, parents may contact EDB hotline at 2892 6676 for non-Chinese speaking parents or email nms_elchk@yahoo.com.hk for further enquiries.  

Parent may browse the Education Bureau (EDB) website for K1 Admission Arrangements. 

EDB provides hotline for non-Chinese speaking parents for further enquiry: 2892 6676.


Interview Arrangement: Our school will organize a student interview day to arrange interview starting from November


Release of admission result: Our school will release the admission result by post on or before 16 December 2022.


1. 正選生:家長須於2023年1月5至7日統一註册日到本幼稚園辦理註册手續,並須提交「註冊證」/「入學許可書」及繳交註冊費。

註冊費: 上午班$970


備註: 如家長於註冊後放棄學位,可通知學校預約取回註冊證

For successful Application: Parents should present the Registration Certificate/Admission Pass (RC/AP) to the school by the centralized registration dates (5 to 7 January 2023) and pay the registration fee accordingly.

Registration Fee: Morning Class $970

Whole-day Class $1570

Note: If parents consider to withdraw after registration, parent shall contact the school for returning the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission.

2. 備取生:本幼稚園會於有後補空缺時以電話通知家長,請家長於指定日期到本幼稚園辦理 註冊手續,並須提交「註冊證」/「入學許可書」及繳交註冊費。

For students who are on the waiting list will receive notice from the school by phone when there is vacancy. Parents should present the RC/AP to the school on the assigned date and pay the registration fee accordingly.

3. 家長請留意,如未能在指定的註冊日期提交「註冊證」/「入學許可書」,本幼稚園或未能為獲取錄兒童完成手續,因此家長務必於指定日期內向教育局申請相關註冊文件。

If parents cannot present the RC/AP to the school by the Centralized Registration Dates, the school may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application to the EDB within the designated period.


Payment period for New Student: Admission Procedure will be held in May


New Student Orientation for Parents: We will held the orientation day for parent to introduce the preparation for your child.


Adaptation period: starting from August, and gradually start the official school days by September.


  1. 申請人必須為適齡入讀的學生。
  2. 面試表現【透過與小朋友面談或簡單的對話、遊戲,以了解小朋友背景、常識、禮貌,以及在陌生環境下的應對、獨立能力】。
  3. 申請人的兄弟姊妹現正在本校就讀獲優先考慮。
  4. 申請人的父母或兄弟姊妹於本校畢業獲優先考慮。
  5. 透過與家長面談,了解家長對子女教育的期望。
  6. 如申請全日班學位,有家庭需要的申請人獲優先考慮。
  7. 申請人居住於本區。


Admission standard:

  1. Applicants must be age appropriate students
  2. Interview performance: We intend to know more about their background, knowledge, manner and behaviour and in unfamiliar environments through interacting with children or simple conversations and games.
  3. The siblings of the applicant who are currently studying at our school will have priority for the consideration of the admission.
  4. The parents or sibling of the applicant who graduated from the school will have priority for the consideration of the admission.
  5. The school try to understand parent’s expectation through interview.
  6. Applicants with family needs are given priority when applying whole day class.
  7. Applicants who live in the same district.

*Please note that due to the limitation of the vacancy , not all applicants who meet the requirement will be accepted.

如有任何查詢,歡迎於辦公時間內,致電 2778 0734 或電郵 nms_elchk@yahoo.com.hk。與我們聯絡。

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 27780734 during office hours or e-mail nms_elchk@yahoo.com.hk if you have any enquiries.

辦公時間 Office Hours:

星期一至星期五  上午9時至下午5時 Monday to Friday  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

星期六  上午9時至中午12時 Saturday 9:00am to 12:00noon

下載入學表格Download application form


Parent shall browse to the Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres for more information.