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To cultivate different interest of children, promote individual potential and improve the confidence and concentration of children, our school will have diversified extracurricular courses, instructed by professional teacher. Please refer to the attachment for details.


  1. 請填妥報名表(見附件)連同學費交回班主任,支票抬頭為「NMS Lutheran Kindergarten」,背面請註明學生姓名及課程名稱。
  2. 如人數不足,課程將取消;如人數過多,則抽籤決定。
  3. 課堂後請家長自行安排接回孩子。興趣班不設校車服務。
  4. 如小朋友因私人理由未能出席課堂,將不設補課,學費將不獲退還
  5. 如因天雨關係或突發事件,教育局宣佈停課,將取消課堂,並不設補課,學費將不獲退還

Application method

  1. Please fill in the application form (refer to the attachment) and return the form with the fee to class teacher. By cheque : Cheques should be made payable to “NMS Lutheran Kindergarten” . Please write your child’s name, class and course name at the back of the cheque.
  2. If the number of enrollment are insufficient, the class will be canceled and the fees will be refunded. If the number of enrollment is over the class limit, students will be selected randomly.
  3. Parents shall arrange to pick up your children. No school bus will be provided after class.
  4. If a student is absent from class for personal or other reasons, the fee will not be refunded nor a makeup class shall be arranged
  5. If the class is cancelled due to the storm warning signal no.3 or no.8, red or black rainstorm warning, the class will be cancelled, and the fee will not be refunded nor a makeup class shall be arranged.