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4 Abilities the children shall have before entering the PN class


When the children got accepted to PN class, parents shall help their children to get ready to start their school life so that they can adapt to school life with ease.

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NMS Lutheran Kindergarten, the kindergarten that has excellent performance when compared with other well-known traditional kindergartens 

身於香港這個富競爭力的大都市,為子女爭取「贏在起跑線」必然是為人父母者最為費心的。無疑幼稚園被視為確定孩子未來的最基礎教育,亦被認定為能否入讀心儀小學的關鍵一環,因此大部份家長也不惜忙於奔命為幼兒好好裝備,報讀名牌幼稚園。名牌幼稚園就等於最好嗎?家長可能還需要考慮是否合適子女就讀或其經濟能力等因素。退而求其次,或可以選擇考慮CP值(性價比)高的幼稚園吧!今天筆者在Tutor Circle尋補與大家介紹CP值高的信義中英文幼稚園。

Hong Kong as being a highly competitive city, “winning at the starting line” is a common goal for parents. This makes parents to believe that kindergarten is regard as the basic education to ensure the future of children as well as the key for children to enter the admired primary school. For that reason, most parents will do their best to get children ready for school life and sign up the well-known kindergarten for them. Is the well-known kindergarten really good? The parents shall put the facts like whether or not the school is suitable for your children or their financial capability into consideration. Then, settle for second best: choose the high CP value kindergarten, NMS Lutheran Kindergarten. Today, the writer will be here to introduce you a High CP value kindergarten, NMS Lutheran Kindergarten in the Tutor Circle .Blog

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Does the birthday party held by the kindergarten lead to illegal fee charge?


What children expect the most should be having birthday party in the school. However, some schools have been accused of charging expensive charges of organising birthday party at school without releasing any details, people are suspect the kindergarten of illegal fee charging.

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Value the importance of character development


We value the importance of children’s character development. We help the children have balanced development in the aspects of spiritual, morality, intellectual, physical, social and art educations and build good characters and the right life values through the experience and perception learning.

荷花學前親子第23期 Super Parents Magazine Issue 23


Having better English and Mandarin is helpful for future education

學習語言除了有助孩子將來升面向世界,與各國不同的人溝通之外,有利於升學面試,亦是家長的考慮原恩之一。從幼兒階段讓子女學習英語和普通話,對於升學是否有所幫助? 對於重普的幼稚園面試,家長有什麼注意之處?

Other than being able to communicate with people from different countries in future, another reason why the parents put language learning into consideration is that it is helpful in school interviews. However, is learning English and Mandarin since the childhood really helpful for children for future education? What shall the parents pay attention to for the interview of Mandarin-oriented Kindergarten?

荷花學前親子第21期 Super Parents Magazine Issue 21


Through Train Schools VS Not through train schools , which one is right choice for my child?


As for new parents, choose the kindergarten for their children is a real headache for them. So many different teaching modes in the kindergarten they can pick of, especially for through train schools (龍幼) and not through train schools (非龍幼). What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which kindergarten is suitable for your children? We will have the education experts to analyze the trend of exam-oriented educational system one by one and the principals of the kindergarten to tell you the differences between through train schools (龍幼) and not through train schools (非龍幼) and give their professional suggestions in how to choose the right kindergarten for your children.