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Our school is located at a quiet and caring community. The neighboring park is well equipped with various facilities and traffic is convenient. Our campus and classrooms are well-equipped for students to learn and grow in dynamic and quiet environments.

With the size of approximately 10,000 square feet, our school has enough space and facilities for our future generations, including registered kitchen, standard classrooms, outdoor gardens, indoor game room, school hall, music room, activity room, etc.

戶外花園 Outdoor garden


Students can exercise and ride the bicycle in our outdoor garden while enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants in the garden.

室內遊戲室 Indoor playground


There are slides, trampoline and jungle gym in the indoor playground. The school also provide different physical tools for children to develop their gross motor skill.

音樂室 Music room


Children can enjoy different music activities including singing, grooving and music appreciation to cultivate their understanding in music.

禮堂 Church


Children will do the worship in the church regularly. In the worship, they will sing the holy songs and learn the truth through different Bible stories to cultivate the correct values and improve their character development.

課室 Classroom


Our classrooms provide enough space to create different corners for children to choose their favorite corners to enjoy the activities.

校園遊蹤School Tour

歡迎登入學校VR 遊覽我們的校園環境及設施。